Selected and Awarded Works
As part of my art practice, suitable paintings and drawings are entered into juried art awards and prizes – a selection of some of the works accepted for these exhibitions are shown on this page. - Colin Palethorpe, July 2010
around the bend we shall be free 2006-7 oil on canvas 91 x 123 cm
Blue Boat2008 Oil on linen 71 x112cm
Exit, 2005, oil on linen, 92 x 76 cm.
Iron Knob.2007 Oil on Canvas 3 panels each 76 x 61 cm
M3 Boxed 2005-9 Oil on linen 65 x 79 cm
Madura Pass, 2006, Oil on linen,boxed frame,local found objects, 95 x 105cm
Rescue 2007 oil on linen 91 x 123 cm
DC13 (Homage to La Meditation Automnale -Burnie) 2012 Oil on canvas 76 x 101cm