Reinvented Landscapes
This exhibition reinvents the Australian landscape in the style of De Chirico and Diebenkorn (DC and DB works respectively).
DB12 (Rockscape) 2013 oil on canvas 39 x 54cm
DB16 (Shafts) 2013 oil on canvas 122 x 91cm
DB5 (Signpost) 2013 oil on canvas 71 x 56cm
DB6 (Black Dam) 2013 oil on linen 152 x107cm
DB7 (Red Dump) oil on linen 102 x 76cm
DC12 (Outback Man) 2013 collage and gouache on board 26 x 36cm
DC13 (Homage to La Meditation Automnale -Burnie) 2012 Oil on canvas 76 x 101cm
DC15 (Dingo Skull) 2013 oil on linen 41 x 59cm
DC18 (Drought) 2013 oil on linen 64 x 86cm
DC19 (Melonscape) 2013 oil on linen 66 x 86cm
DC2 (Braidwood) 2013 collage and gouache on board 20 x 25cm
DB1 (Wilcannia) 2013 oil on canvas 91 x 91cm