Artist Statement
My present art focus is the exploration of form in the landscape and the contrasting man-made and geological/natural forces which combine to sculpt that form. I am also investigating how painting in Australia particularly “privileges” the landscape genre in a heroic/monumental way.
I am seeking to:
  • Reflect a strong personal authenticity
  • Incorporate research and experimentation
  • Develop a palpable sense of form, depth and space
Being raised on a farm and subsequently educated as a geologist, the landscape and its various interpretations (including the political battleground) can’t help but inform my work. I am seeking to develop further the concept of the European derived 19th-20C neo-romantic natural “heroic-timeless” sculptured landscape of the past and contrast it with manmade “ alienating” sculptured forms of today. Experimenting with real, captured and remembered images and objects, I hope to develop my own language to communicate a personal vision that touches a chord with other people.
In 1998 I took up painting as an amateur watercolourist, but after several years of workshops, classes and several “commendeds” at local art shows, I decided to pursue my art in a professional manner and to build a contemporary painting-based visual art practice.
In 2003 I took a critical step in this direction and enrolled in the Melbourne CAE Diploma of Visual Art which was completed in 2005. From 2005 to 2009 I worked from Appleton Street Studios in Richmond, Victoria.
Curriculum Vitae

Place and Date of Birth
- Brisbane, Australia 1947

Art Education –
2010 Advanced Professional Art Studies CAE Melbourne
2005 Diploma of Visual Art CAE Melbourne

Solo Exhibitions-

2014 Surreal Voyage Carbon Black Gallery Melbourne
Reinvented Landscapes Carbon Black Gallery Melbourne
Blocks Carbon Black Gallery Melbourne
Above and Below the Horizon Firestation Print Studio Melbourne
Southern Ports Kozminsky Level1 Melbourne
Glacial Landscapes Kozminsky Level 1 Melbourne
Rocky Landscapes bsg Gallery Melbourne
Earthworks Artholes Gallery Melbourne
Special Places Café Julia Melbourne
Travelling North Doncaster and Templestowe Artist Society

Selected Group Shows
Inside-Outside Firestation Print Studio Melbourne
Who, What, Where Marios Melbourne
Plain Air Firestation Print Studio Melbourne
Belle Arti Chapman and Bailey Melbourne
Exquisite Palette St Lukes Melbourne
Ruby Gap Stephen McLaughlan Melbourne
2009 Kozminsky Art Melbourne’09
Ice Continent Pigment Gallery
2008 bsg Art Sydney
2006 Appleton Street Studios Art Melbourne’06
Fusion 45 Downstairs Melbourne
Nostri Belle Arti Spectrum Gallery Melbourne
1999 Chemdex Art Initiative San Francisco

2013 Finalist Glover Prize Tasmania
2012 Finalist John Leslie Art Prize-Sale Regional Gallery
2011 The Acquisitive Grow West Landcare Award -Bacchus Marsh
2012 Commendation ANL Maritime Art Prize Melbourne
2011,2010,2009,2008,2007,2006,2005 Finalist ANL Maritime Art prize
2010 Finalist Calleen Art Award –Cowra Regional Gallery
2010,2009,2008,2007 Finalist con.ceit-the Corangamarah Art Prize
2012,2008 Finalist Norvill Art Prize- Murrurundi
2007 Finalist City of Whyalla Art Prize
2005 Finalist Heysen Prize Hahndorf
2006,2003 Highly Commended St Kevins CollegeArt Show
2003 Best in show Doncaster and Templestowe Artist Society
2003 Highly Commended Loyola College Art Show
2002 Highly Commended Ivanhoe Art and Craft Show
2002 Highly Commended Knox Art Show
2001 Very Highly Commended Royal Melbourne Show

2008 Theme Polar Arts Program Antarctic Visual Artist Residency

Private Collections Australia, USA, UK, Germany, and Canada